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Things people have said about us...
Well what can I say ..... another amazing performance!! Thank you all so much for coming along to our Carnival 2011. You all brought your magic, your personality and total WOW factor to Somersham. I, personally, have seen you about 4 times and I am never disappointed. The Somersham villagers loved you. Hope you found the tennis courts okay to perform in, this was a new venture for us in opening them up. Any feedback from you guys would be appreciated about the whole event.

We did so well on Saturday on our Pimms stall we sadly sold out!! Unbelievable! Still it enabled us to have a rest at the end and chat to people.

Thanks again to you all for being so stunning.
Somersham Carnival Organisers, 27 June 2011

[the CD] arrived this morning - already played it and danced round the lounge - thankyou.

I have only seen you on the net but hoping to change that and go to Chippenham this year...
I am an ex north west morris dancer turned drummer but your videos have inspired me to start up a molly group here in South Birmingham.
A Music CD customer, February 2011

There was a girl at the bar who said she 'didn't like folk music and all that hanky stuff' but that Pig Dyke were 'cool and funky'.
Glen describing 28 July at the Woolpack
"I was at Towersey and there were these really dark, cool looking people with what looked like to me they were wearing this KISS (metal band)like make up...black and white face paint.. just to say they looked cool as %*" !"

"I saw them in Peterborough just before Christmas...they were magnificent, numerous, entertaining, young and mixed. I'm not a Morris participant but if I were I wouldn't go anywhere near an organisation that excludes women. Whereas this lot are just the kind of shot in arm that would get a casual observer like me interested."
Internet forum discussion on the Ring's threat of imminent death of morris dancing

"Killer threads, man!"

Shouted at three members of the team in full kit and facepaint as they walked over Parker's Piece in Cambridge, May Day 2009

The [Sousa] player is a real stormer!

comment on YouTube video, suspected to be from Mike O'Connor

I thought you were fantastic & I really enjoyed your performances - the stand out part/performers of the day for me"

Spectator at Benwick Dickensian Market, November 2009

Awesome dance, great musicians, awesome costumes... I normally don't care for Molly Morris dancing, but this is kickass!

Comment on YouTube video from Straw Bear 2009

With their faces painted to look like Edward Scissorhands, dressed in black and white Op-Art fabrics, and accompanied by a large tuba, the Pig Dyke Molly look like Dress Down Friday at the Robert Smith Academy for Troubled Youths.

At 11am on a cold, sunny day they make a slightly alarming sight, like a giant Goth gang that missed the last bus home last night and are now so out of their minds with longing for White Lightning that they're dancing for pennies.
Caitlin Moran, The Times On Line (full article)

Pig Dyke Molly