Pig Dyke Programme of Events

Sat 9 Dec Whittlesey Extravaganza
Sun 31 Dec New Year’s Eve around Whittlesey
Every New Year's Eve, Pig Dyke dances wherever we are welcome around Whittlesey and surrounding areas to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Last year we donated £1000 to Macmillan. First year was 1999-2000 - cheer us and support us for 2023-4!
Thu 4 Jan Molly talk in Werrrington
Fri 12 Jan St Andrews Hall evening Whittlesey
The alternative start to the Straw Bear weekend - a DIY evening with bar and the famous compulsory free raffle, where we invite you to do your party piece (or listen to those who do), join in some ceilidh dances and Have Fun. Rumour says there will be a Pig Dyke play....
Sat 20 Jan Dance for Pig Dyke exhibition at Peterborough Museum
Probably about 2pm.
Pig Dyke Molly