Pictures and Movies

The Pig Dyke Gallery

Here are pictures from various events, taken by members of the team or by others who have kindly sent them in. We've tried to credit the photographers but if we've missed any that you know, please tell us and we'll remedy...

Other Pictures of us on the Web

These are on other web photo galleries - we found them or the photographers notified us that they were there.


In 2006 Rob Griggs, with the aid of some BBC footage, made a promotional video all about the team as it was then.
It's here - be warned it's a big file (126MB, shouldn't be a problem if you have fast broadband) :

You Tube

For some reason there's quite a lot of footage of Pig Dyke Molly on YouTube. Here's a selection of videos.
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2006"The Legendary Pig Dyke Molly..." Moral Turpitude at theBricklayer's Arms
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2007Market Street: Ethel's Cats
Broadstairs Folk Week 2007(Plug Holes, starting about middle of clip, then New Broom Dance)
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2008procession (we appear about 6 minutes in)
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2008Outside The Bee : "Don't Watch
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2008School Hall: Moral Turpitude
Warwick Folk Festival 2008Procession
Warwick Folk Festival 2008Procession
Ashton Conker Championships 2008Broom Dance
Ashton Conkers againMike (a.k.a. Inevitable but not a Taxi)
Day of Dance 2008Dec 14 Peterborough. Dance: Pig Swill.
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2009Marketplace, Saturday morning. Dance: Don't Watch
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2009Sunday: Mike and Ethel in memory of Rob.
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2009Sunday: Old Broom Dance
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2017First outing of new 'Pole Dance'
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2017Pole dance again, at Harry Smith Community College (Facebook)
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2017(Facebook login required)
Whittlesea Straw Bear 2017(Facebook login required)
Straw Bear 2018Sunday: "Inevitable,but not a Taxi"
Straw Bear 2018Sunday: "Pole Dance"
Pig Dyke Molly