Pig Dyke Molly

Dancers from the Fens in Glorious Black and White

Holmfirth Festival, 2018 Holmfirth Festival, 2018

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Sun 2 Aug, 2020

This Year Pig Dyke Molly was invited to perform at the Sidmouth Folk festival. Because of the pandemic, there is no festival at Sidmouth, but participants were invited to contribute to an online version of the festival, to be unveiled during the first week of August when the real festival would normally have run. Pig Dyke responded to the challenge with this video, featuring Tony's history of the team, demonstrations of how to make yourself black and white (face painting and costume), dancing in the Fens, music from Karthryn and a slide show accompanied by some of the music created by Robin Griggs and John Foreman (see previous news item.) Here's the video on YouTube.

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