Pig Dyke Molly - The Music

An album of The Pig Dyke band in 2004 with:
Tracks to download:
  1. Plug Holes
  2. Crew Cut
  3. Pig Swill
  4. Yaxley's Last Stand
  5. The Broom Dance
  6. Burn The Short Curtains
  7. Ethel's Cats
  8. Bag of Chips
  9. Moral Turpitude
  10. Don't Watch
  11. Moving On
  12. Running Out
  13. Cataluna
Tracks 11, 12, and 13 are bonus tracks from rojo CD Frost and Fire featuring Robin Griggs on melodeon.

This CD was made in limited quantities and is not available for sale, but you can download the tracks from here.

Tracks from Rob's solo CD

Music Composed by Robin Griggs, except tracks 4 and 6 which are trad arranged Robin Griggs.

Pig Dyke Molly